Halloween Spooktacular Results Posted

Results have been posted for the 2018 Halloween Spooktacular

Thanks everyone for coming out to shoot, and congratulations to our winners:

Sporting Clays:

HOA: Paul Robey, 92/100
M: Dan Field, 89/100
AA: Gerald Ciesla, 78/100
A: Pete Dufour, 78/100
B: Joel Wasdyke, Paul Brabec, 70/100
C: Brett Tupy, 80/100
D: Gregory Keith, 79/100
E: Chuck Perlock, 81/100


HOA: Paul Robey, Mike Steinmetz, 47/50
M: Brad Peterson, Dan Field, 46/50
AA: Darrel Johnson, 43/50
A: Michael Williams, 42/50
B: Joel Wasdyke, 43/50
C: Shawn O’Brien & Stanley Fagerness, 41/50

Full results available here.