2020 Black Friday Shoot Results are posted – including payouts

The results of the 2020 Black Friday Shoot are in!

Dylan Burns and Hans Erickson tied for HOA in the Sporting Clays event, shooting 92/100.

Pete Melloy won HOA in the True Pair event with 49/50.

Hans Erickson and Pete Melloy tied for HOA in the 5-stand event, shooting 48/50.

Congratulations – great shooting, and thanks to everyone who joined us for the shoot!

Full results are available here.

Options payouts now show on the ScoringPro link, and they are correct except for sporting clays Lewis Class payouts. ScoringPro shows only 2 classes, but there are 3 classes. Winners of the 3 sporting clays Lewis Class are:

Class 1
Hans Erickson    $54
Pete Melloy        $36

Class 2
Craig Mortenson    $45
Ed Dietz                   $45

Class 3
Gregory Keith       $54
Darren CB Scott   $36