Final results now available for the 2022 MN half of the Border Battle, including punches and payouts

Great shooting everyone, and thanks for coming out for this year’s shoot!

High Scores were:

Border Battle MN 100 sporting: Nate Wannebo, with 98/100

Super Sporting: Craig Rogaczewski, with 48/50

5-stand: Nate Wannebo, with 49/50

FYI, we had a machine problem on station 4 on sporting clays and had to throw out the station. We didn’t have another machine that matched to replace it, and need to order parts to fix it, so everyone got 6 on that station!

Full results are available here on Score Chaser, including punches and payouts.Don’t forget to shoot in the second half of this shoot at Game Unlimited on July 16-17. Scroll down for further information.