Final results now posted for the 2023 J-Hook Open Tom Wannebo Memorial Shoot, including punches and payouts

Great shooting, and thanks everyone for coming out for this year’s shoot!

We had an outstanding turnout for this year’s shoot! Thanks again for joining us to honor Tom Wannebo and his many contributions to our sport, and to raise money for his family. This event was put on in conjunction with Game Unlimited, and we thank them for joining us in setting up; helping out; bringing and staffing the make/break; and for helping raise a number of donations and prizes. Bob Steffen was also instrumental in raising donations; thanks Bob!

The Wannebo family receives a check for the money raised at the 2023 J-Hook Open.

High Scores in each event were:

  • Sporting Clays: Mike Haas, with 98/100
  • Super Sporting: Nate Wannebo, Tyler Melloy, Gabe Markworth, and Pete Melloy, all with 48/50
  • 5-stand: Hans Erickson, Chad Ruiz, and Mike Haas, all with 49/50

Thanks to those of you donated and made this possible:

  • Game Unlimited
  • Wild Marsh
  • Shotgun Willy’s / Coyland
  • Hunts Point
  • Caribou Gun Club
  • Wings North
  • Waukesha Gun Club
  • Wild Child
  • Acme Bullet Company
  • Heidi Spears
  • Eric Hellstrom
  • Tom Pallansh
  • Peter Tiede
  • Craig R
  • Bare Pelt
  • Brandy
  • Paul Holmquist
  • Federal
  • Best Defense

Winners of the various prizes and raffles:

  • Rebecca Ockwig
  • Zac Kotschwar
  • Pam Neshiem
  • Jon Harrington
  • Nate Wannebo
  • Darren Scott
  • Pat O’Boyle
  • Staci McLarnon
  • O’Neal Hampton
  • Scott Rieken
  • Rami Qarmout
  • Mike Krazinac
  • Jerry Lehan
  • Greg Smith
Full tournament results are available here on Score Chaser, including punches and payouts.