Groupon Customers

Groupon Customers: Remember, you must reserve a time to shoot. All Reservations require 24 hours advance notice.

If the Groupon you purchased includes a meal, please note that the building is closed, but we are offering a very limited menu that you can order for take-out when you arrive.

Shotgun Customers: Let us know in the “Notes” section of your reservation if you have shot sporting clays before and if you will need to rent guns. Please remember to bring eye and ear protection, and please note that all ammo must be purchased at the Club at check in.

Carry Permit Customers: Except for Groupon Customers, in addition to making your reservation, please go to our Shop page and pay your deposit.

Make reservations here, or by clicking “Groupon & Training Reservations” in Quick Links.

Thanks for joining us; have fun, and be safe!