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Five Stand Shooting at St. Paul Gun Club5-Stand sporting clays is a condensed version of sporting clays that consists of 5 stations side-by-side. Shooters attempt 5 targets at each station, for a total of 25 targets per round. The same types of targets can be thrown in 5-Stand as in sporting clays, including the standard target, and the mini, midi, battue, and rabbit targets, to throw crossing targets, incoming and outgoing targets, quartering targets, springing teal, and chandelles. Towers and terrain are used to augment the challenge of the course. Our 5-Stand course is used for practice, league, and tournament shooting, and is a great venue for some quick hunting practice.

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We also hold numerous NSAC-registered tournaments for competition shooters, and frequently host the annual Minnesota Sporting Clays Association (MSCA) 5-Stand Championship. 

Join us at South St. Paul Rod & Gun Club, in the Twin Cities area of Minneapolis and St. Paul, Minnesota; bring your shotgun; and try 5-Stand shooting!

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