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Sporting Clays

sporting clays_shooterMeandering along the wooded backwaters of the Mississippi River, our 50-target sporting clays course provides a fun challenge to the hunter practicing for the upcoming season, the league shooter trying to beat out the competition, and the tournament shooter who attends any of our registered National Sporting Clays Association (NSCA) tournament competitions.

Sporting Clays has often been compared to "golf with a shotgun." Squads of shooters walk from station to station and take turns shooting from a "stand," or "peg."

It is here that a shooter will encounter a variety of targets that simulate game birds, as well as a few “unusual” targets that will challenge your shooting skills. In addition to outgoing, incoming, quartering, and crossing targets, try your hand at such targets as the “springing teal,” a target launched straight up on edge; the rabbit target, a clay target with a thick edge that is launched on edge, rolling and bouncing along the ground; the “chandelle,” a looping target that arcs across the sky;  the “battue,” a very thin specialty target that slices through the air in a confounding manner; and the midi and mini targets, which are smaller and faster versions of the standard clay target.

ducktowerOur standard practice and league course has eight stations, including 2 raised shooting platforms, and a duck tower that can throw clays in multiple directions. Stations and targets are reconfigured on a frequent basis to change things up and increase the challenge of the course.

The sporting clays course can be expanded to accommodate 100 targets for tournament shooting.

Each year we have over 25 sporting clays teams participating in leagues. We also hold frequent NSCA-registered sporting clays tournaments for serious competitors.

Join us in the Twin Cities of Minneapolis and St. Paul, Minnesota for shotgun shooting fun!

For more information about sporting clays, click here.

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