2018 Black Friday Shoot Results Posted

Results have been posted for the Black Friday Shoot

Thanks everyone who came out and shot, and congratulations to our event winners:

Gun Winners

Rick Potter, Brooks Shelstad

Non-Registered Events

Trap: Troy Smith, 23/25
Skeet: Rick Potter, 25/25
Sporting Clays: Carl Tiede, 44/50
HOA: Rick Potter, 82/100

Registered Events

Full NSCA results available here.

Sporting Clays

HOA: Paul Robey, 95/100
M: Craig Pace, 93/100
AA: George Smythe & Bob Smith, 86/100
A: Al Duce, 83/100
B: Scott Davis, 84/100
C: Ben Swanson, 87/100
D: Peter Tiede, Pat O’Boyle, Cole Bunes, Gregory Keith, 76/100
E: Mack Argentieri, 56/100


HOA: Paul Robey, 46/50
M: Tim Faldet, 44/50
AA: Thomas Cramer, 43/50
A: Joe Bauer, 43/50
B: Paul Wiederholt, 34/50
C: Rick Potter, 41/50
D: Pat O’Boyle, 36/50
E: Mack Argentieri, 24/50

20 Gauge

HOA: Dylan Burns, 47/50
M: Red Bartlett & Brad Peterson, 42/50
AA: Ben Jensen, 42/50
A: Don Haugen & Kevin Burns, 38/50
B: Paul Wiederholt, 41/50
C: Rick Potter, Gordy Holm, Dick Derdoski, 40/50
D: Pat O’Boyle, 37/50
E: Mack Argentieri, 30/50