Results Posted for 2019 Minnesota State 5-Stand and Small Gauge Championships

Congratulations to our champions in all classes in the 2019 Minnesota 5-Stand and Small Bore Championships!

In the 5-Stand Championship, Steve Korin, Dan Field, Doug Dingman, and Al Doucette all tied for HOA, with scores of 95/100.

The 20 Gauge Minnesota Champion is Mike Haas, with 93/100. Brad Peterson of Wisconsin was HOA with 96/100.

The 28 Gauge Champion is Doug Dingman, with 95/100.

The .410 Bore Champion is Hans Erickson, with 83/100.

All shoot-offs needed to resolve medal ties will take place (UPDATED: Friday afternoon at 5:30 pm) at the State Sporting Clays shoot at Minnesota Horse & Hunt Club on August 23, 2019. The location of the shoot-offs will be posted in the Clubhouse.

Great shooting, and thanks to everyone who participated!

Thanks also to Nate Petersen  of Shooter’s Sporting Clays and his staff for hosting the 5-Stand Championship at our Club and for a great job of setting targets in all events, as well as SSPGC General Manager Tim Rossbach and his staff for all their hard work in making this happen – Saturday rain and all!

Complete NSCA results are available here

5-Stand MSC Added Money Drawing Winners – $50 Each:

  1. Red Bartlett
  2. Conner Rogaczewski
  3. Chad Ruiz
  4. Jim Fischer
  5. Tom Wannebo
  6. Bob Steffen
  7. Craig Mortenson
  8. Kyle Rains
  9. Dennis Vierling
  10. Jim Noel

Small Gauge MSC Added Money Drawing Winners – $50 Each:

  1. Pat O’Boyle
  2. Roger Heikkinen
  3. Taylor Bunes
  4. Cole Rogaczewski
  5. Mark Robertson
  6. Conner Rogaczewski
  7. Harold Zahn
  8. Mike Steinmetz
  9. Terrance Bartling
  10. Dean Doboszenski

Checks will be mailed out in the next several days with other payouts.