Scoring change for Long Bird Jackpot & new sign-up rule for all Jackpots, effective 2/2/2022

We’ve made a scoring change for the Long Bird Jackpot; starting 2/2/2022, shooters will receive 2 points if the target is hit on the first shot, 1 point if hit on the second shot.

This is to spread out the scoring and reduce the number of ties.

Details for the Long Bird Jackpot are below. We are using longest run to break any ties, except ties for a perfect score of 10, which would split that class. For all other ties we flip a coin to determine front-end or back-end. If ties still remain after the longest run from that end, we go to the opposite end to break the tie. If ties still exist after that, we use a card draw to break the ties.

Rule change for all Jackpots: to shoot any of our Jackpots, simply check in at the shooting room in the clubhouse first, (new) put your name on the sign-up sheet, pay for your round, and get an official scoresheet to take to your field to shoot your round; you must pay before you shoot and put your name on the sign-up sheet, and scoresheets must contain first and last names and must be turned in by end-of-day Sunday to count; no exceptions.