Shotgun range closures for the St. Patty’s Day Shoot this week, March 18-21, 2021

Here are the shotgun range closures for this week:

FITASC will be closed Wednesday, March 17 – Thursday, March 18 for set-up.

Sporting Clays and 5-Stand – for tournament setup, both courses will be closed Thursday, March 18. 5-stand will be closed for the shoot Thursday, March 18 – Sunday, March 21.

As a reminder, if you plan on shooting the registered sporting clays event in the tournament that weekend, you cannot shoot any stations/targets that have already been setup for the tournament before you shoot your registered event on the weekend.

If you are not shooting in the registered event on the weekend, or if you have already shot your registered event, you can still shoot sporting clays for practice. Stop in the clubhouse first and have them take targets off your bird card before you shoot.

Trap/skeet – we will keep at least one trap/skeet field open throughout the tournament, probably a combination field, for open shooting.