2018 Minnesota Small Gauge Championship – Winners & Full Results Posted

Congratulation to the winners of our 2018 Small Gauge Championship and Summer Sizzler tournament. Our winners are:

20 Gauge Champion: Dylan Burns (pictured here), with a score of 94/100

28 Gauge Champion: Aaron Janisch, with a score of 94/100

.410 Bore Champion: Craig Mortenson, with a score of 92/100

(Note: only Minnesota residents can win medals in these State events.)

Our two side events were won by:

Summer Sizzler: Paul Robey, with a score of 95/100

True Pair: Gabe Markworth, with a score of 49/50

Great shooting everyone, and thanks for who joining us!

Complete NSCA results are available here.

MSC added money drawing winners follow the medal winner list below.

A complete list of Minnesota medal winners follows; there are a number of shoot-offs needed to complete all the medal winners; if you’re name is listed with “shoot-off” next to it, you will be shooting off Saturday evening at the State Sporting Clays shoot at Minnesota Horse & Hunt Club on August 25, 2018.

2018 Minnesota State Small Gauge Medal Winners (with pending shoot-offs noted)

20 Gauge
HOA Dylan Burns 94
HOA2 Doug Dingman 93
HOA3 Kelly Bueng 92 Shoot-off
HOA3 Dean Doboszenski 92 Shoot-off
M1, M2 Red Bartlett 91 Shoot-off
M1, M2 Gabe Markworth 91 Shoot-off
AA1 Tony Schippers 86 Shoot-off
AA1 John Mohler 86 Shoot-off
A Michael Williams 84
B Paul Wiederholt 85
C Woodrow Glazer 88
D Gary Harrington 77
E Steven Kolcinski 57
Sub-Junior None
Junior Dylan Burns 94
Veteran1 Doug Dingman 93
Veteran2 Cal Munkvold 89
Super Vet Roger Koch 89
Sr. Super Vet None
Lady None


28 Gauge
HOA Aaron Janisch 94
HOA2 Cal Munkvold 90
HOA3 Steve Korin 88 Shoot-off
HOA3 Red Bartlett 88 Shoot-off
M1, M2 Jay Andrews 87 Shoot-off
M1, M2 Hans Erickson 87 Shoot-off
M1, M2 Steve Coutant 87 Shoot-off
M1, M2 John Wiederholt 87 Shoot-off
M1, M2 Rick Timmers 87 Shoot-off
AA Al Doucette 86
A Bob Peterson 85
B Herman Hefta 83
C Nathan Ziemer 84
D Gary Harrington 84
E Barrett Swenson 80
Sub-Junior None
Junior Nathan Ziemer 84
Veteran1 Cal Munkvold 90
Veteran2 Steve Korin 88
Super Vet Craig Mortenson 86
Sr. Super Vet Red Bartlett 88
Lady None

.410 Bore
HOA Craig Mortenson 92
HOA2, HOA3 Aaron Janisch 86 Shoot-off
HOA2, HOA3 Richard Derdoski 86 Shoot-off
M1, M2 Greg Anderson 83 Shoot-off
M1, M2 Doug Dingman 83 Shoot-off
AA George Smythe 84
A Gus Maxfield 83 Shoot-off
A Bob Peterson 83 Shoot-off
B Tony Sworsky 82
C Woodrow Glazer 74
D Gary Harrington 67
E Stephen Kolcinski 57
Sub-Junior None
Junior Woodrow Glazer 74
Veteran1, Veteran2 Greg Anderson 83 Shoot-off
Veteran1, Veteran2 Doug Dingman 83 Shoot-off
Super Vet Craig Mortenson 92
Sr. Super Vet Red Bartlett 80
Lady None

State Small Gauge MSC Added Money Drawing Winners – $50 Each

  1. Roger Koch
  2. Chris Borgerson
  3. Aaron Janisch
  4. Tom Wannebo
  5. Richard Bienapfl
  6. Dan Field
  7. James Noel
  8. Chad Ruiz
  9. Kenneth Goers
  10. Floyd Bertelsen

Checks will be mailed out in the next several days with other payouts.