Steve Korin Wins Combined State Small-bore Championship; Drew Benson wins Super Summer Sizzler; Jim Noel wins FITASC (Results Posted)

Shooting Shell PouchWith a combined score of 274, Steve Korin won the combined State Small-bore Championship held August 19-21, 2016 at South St. Paul Rod & Gun Club. His scores of 93  (tied for first with Jeff Kessler) in 20 gauge, 96 (HOA) in 28 gauge, and 85 (tied for first with Jeff Dahlin) in .410 bore were enough to win the combined event by 13 targets. Congratulations Steve, great shooting! Runner-up went to Jeff Kessler with 261, and Mark Fitzsimmons was 3rd with 258.

In the 20 gauge event, M.B. Chip Derickson took 3rd with 92. In 28 gauge, Paul Davis and M.B. Chip Derickson tied for 2nd with 93. In .410 bore, Craig Mortenson was 3rd with a score of 84.

To decide ties in the top 3 places in these events, there will be shoot-offs, which are tentatively planned to take place at the State Sporting Clays Championship August 25-28.

Drew Benson won the Super Summer Sizzler event with a score of 96; Steve Korin was Runner-up with 95; and there was a 3-way tie for 3rd among M. B. Chip Derickson, Scott Nelson, and Tom Wannebo with scores 92.

In the FITASC event, Jim Noel was HOA with a score of 49/50. Nate Wannebo and Craig Mortenson tied for 2nd with 48.

Complete scores are available here.

Notable finishes in Class and Concurrent Class, or both, by South St. Paul Rod & Gun Club Members at this event included:

20 Gauge
Jim Noel, John Wiederholt, Paul Wiederholt, Gordy Helm, Dick Derdoski, Pam Neshiem, Nate Wannebo, Craig Mortenson

28 Gauge
Nate Wannebo, John Wiederholt, Floyd Bertelsen, Dick Derdoski, Pam Neshiem, Walt Hirschey, Jerry Nutzman, Greg Loftness

.410 Bore
John Wiederholt, Tom Toenjes, Paul Wiederholt, Chad Ruiz, Paul Brabec, Dick Derdoski, Walt Hirschey, Greg Loftness, Nate Wannebo, Craig Mortenson

Combined Small-bore
Craig Mortenson, John Wiederholt, Paul Wiederholt, Paul Brabec, Dick Derdoski

Super Summer Sizzler
Tom Wannebo, Craig Pace, Craig Mortenson, Dave Kluender, Gordy Holm, Chad Ruiz, Dick Derdoski, Jerry Nutzman, Doug Thompson, Ted Horner, Pam Neshiem, Steve Jensen, Floyd Bertelsen

Jim Noel, Nate Wannebo, Craig Mortenson, Craig Pace, Dave Kluender, Ken Goers, Don Deeb, Pam Neshiem, John Wiederholt

Thanks everyone for coming out and making this a great shoot!