Summer Leagues – Week 13

Clay Breaking 1July starts this week, which means we’re two thirds of the way through the summer league season.

Keep in mind, league rules state that in order to participate in shoot-offs, shooters must complete 16 of 18 rounds in trap, skeet, and tri-combo; 14 of 16 in sporting clays and 5-stand; and 10 of 10 in individual and mixed leagues.

Too many shooters have reported they didn’t know they were in the shoot-offs. If you complete the prescribed number of rounds, you are in the shoot-offs!

Last year we had several teams leave money on the table by not completing their league or shooting in the shoot-offs – don’t let that happen to you!

The high school shooting and range closures are about wrapped up, and July is a great time to catch up or even shoot ahead. See you at the Club!