2018 Summer Leagues – Regular Season Results & Divisions Posted; Shoot-offs Start August 14th

Shotgun 3The season-ending league scores, the net scores for shoot-offs, and final season standings are posted, along with the regular season payouts and divisions for shoot-offs.

2018 Summer League Regular Season Results and Divisions available here. Scroll down to find League Results. The League Rules, and Shoot-offs & Awards documents, are also available at that link.

Scores turned in by Friday, August 10 were included in the final scores. If your scoresheets were posted in the shooting room as incomplete and had not been corrected by August 10, they were not included.

If your team had at least 5 shooters shoot the minimum number of rounds for your league, your team is in the shootoffs.

Even if your team did not make the shoot-offs, if you shot the minimum number of rounds for your league, you are in the shoot-offs for High Individual Gun for that league.

Shoot-offs start Tuesday, August 14, and run through Sunday, August 26. You can shoot-off anytime during that window.

Regular season results and divisions are also posted in the Clubhouse.

Good luck in the shoot-offs!