2018 Holiday Shoot – Results Posted

Registered NSCA Results have been posted. Non-registered results will be posted at the Club.

Full NSCA Results are available here.

(Please note: although results are now considered “final,” results are subject to change due to class corrections or scoring error corrections.)

Thanks for joining us for the shoot!

Registered Events

Sporting Clays

HOA: Dan Field, Joe Ebsen, Paul Robey, 94/100
M: Dylan Burns, Tom Wannebo, 93
AA: Dave Chell, 86
A: Bruce Glawe, 87
B: Taylor Bunes, 86
C: Stanley Fagerness, 86
D: Rami Qarmout, Derian Vietti, 76
E: Jonathon Souba, 73


HOA: Dan Field, 43/50
M: Nate Wannebo, 40
AA: Pete Bauer, 38
A: Al Duce, 41
B: Taylor Bunes, 33
C: James Ide, 40
D: Cole Bunes, 34

28 Gauge

HOA: Rich Argentieri, 49/50
M: Hans Erickson, 47
AA: Mark Robertson, 41
A: Don Haugen, 41
B: Paul Brabec, 41
C: Shawn O’Brien, 46
D: Mack Argentieri, 39
E: Jonathon Souba, 36

20 Gauge

HOA: Jim Noel, 47/50
M: Craig Mortenson, 43
AA: Mark Robertson, 40
A: Kevin Burns, 41
B: Paul Wiederholt, 44
C: Rick Potter, 43
D: Rami Qarmout, 38
E: Tonette May, 37