American Field Sporting is coming to SSP Gun Club

The newest game in sporting clays is American Field Sporting (AFS), and we’re introducing it via our Winter 2022 AFS Jackpot Shoot!

AFS is a similar to FITASC, with a variety of targets presented in 4 different layouts: Red, White, Blue, and Green layouts.

Each layout presents a different number of stations; the Red layout has 5 stations, the White layout has 3 stations, the Blue layout has 2 positions with 2 stations each, and Green has 5 stations.

Registered shooters in Master Class and AA Class must shoot low gun, like FITASC. All other shooters may shoot with a pre-mounted gun if desired.

Factory shells are required (maximum of 1 1/8 oz., maximum size 7 1/2 pellets).

There is one extra clay target machine on each layout, and once per round that target is thrown. Hit it the first time and you are awarded 2 points; hit it with the second shot for 1 point. Add that target to the 24 other targets thrown on each layout, and you get a possible 26 points per layout! There are also two types of “singles” – one-shot singles, and two-shot singles.

Check out our Jackpot Shoots here, and plan to join us and try out this latest game.

More information on AFS is available here.