Dan Field, Paul Robey, and Bob Brabec are Winners in Fall Tune-up Shoot

Dan Field (Pictured) won HOA in FITASC, 5-Stand, and the “Total 150” events at the 2017 Fall Tune-up Shoot. Dan shot 93 x 100 in FITASC, 47 x 50 in 5-Stand, and had a total of 140 in the Total 150 event.

Scott Nelson and Jim Noel tied for 2nd place in FITASC, Paul Robey won 2nd place in 5-Stand, and Craig Mortenson took 2nd place in the Total 150.

Paul Robey took first place in the trap event, and Paul also shared first place with Bob Brabec in the skeet event.

Thanks to everyone who came out and shot the event, and great shooting guys!

Full results available here.