Border Battle #14, July 18, 2020 – register here, plus range closures for setup and the weekend’s shoots

Don’t forget to get registered for the Border Battle! Don’t miss it! Registration is now open here on ScoringPro.

When registering, don’t forget to pick which club / state you’re shooting for. Register for both the SSP Sporting and GU Sporting events if you’re shooting both; when you register for the SSP sporting event, pick your rotation/station for the shotgun start at SSP in the morning. That will also be your rotation/station at GU in the afternoon.

Shotgun range closures for the weekend:

5-stand and FITASC will be closed Thursday through Sunday for set-up and the shoot.

We will try to keep at least one trap/skeet field open Thursday and Friday during setup. Trap and skeet will be closed Saturday morning, and at least one trap/skeet field will be open Saturday afternoon and on Sunday.

Sporting clays will be closed all day Friday and Saturday morning for setup and the shoot. Sporting clays will be open for all shooting on Saturday afternoon and Sunday.