Medal Winners Announced for 2019 Minnesota State 5-Stand and Small Gauge Championships

Medals will be available at the Club except those not resolved due to ties. Medals not picked up at the Club will be brought to the State Shoot for pickup. Great shooting everyone!

Correction: Medal winners are as follows, except for ties and the resulting unresolved winners, which will be resolved by shootoffs, listed in red, at the State Shoot at Minnesota Horse and Hunt Club, on Friday, August 23, 2019 at 5:30 pm. (location to be posted in clubhouse):

5-Stand 20 Gauge 28 Gauge .410 Bore
HOA Doug Dingman, Al Doucette, Steve Korin, Dan Field 95 Mike Haas 93 Doug Dingman 95 Hans Erickson 83
RU Second from above 95 Dan Field 90 Kelly Bueng 92 Greg Anderson 81
3rd Third from above 95 Craig Mortenson, Paul Robey 89 Al Doucette 91 Steve Korin, John Wiederholt 79
M1 Doug Dingman, Steve Korin, Dan Field, or Mike Haas Craig Mortenson, Paul Robey 89 Hans Erickson 88 Steve Korin or Craig Mortenson
M2 Mike Haas or Paul Robey Glenn Reisdorph 87 Dan Field 83 Craig Mortenson or Red Bartlett
M3 Paul Robey or Gabe Markworth
AA1 Al Doucette or Sean Skalisky John Wiederholt 88 Rick Robohm 84 John Wiederholt or Mark Robertson
AA2 Sean Skalisky or Rick Robohm 91
A Al Duce 87 Bob Peterson 83 Herman Hefta 84 Herman Hefta 77
B William Traynor 84 William Traynor 86 Terrance Bartling 90 William Traynor 70
C Jim Fischer 88 Dick Derdoski 81 Pat O’Boyle 80 Dick Derdoski 77
D Roberta Heinrichs 79 Jerry Befort 65 Dan Richmond 82
E Tom Sander 58 Stephen Kolcinski 67 Stephen Kolcinski 56 Stephen Kolcinski 56
J Parker Field 84
V1 Kevin Stasson 89 Doug Dingman 87 Paul Wiederholt 83 Chris Thorsen 69
V2 Todd Rains 88 Scott Nelson 84 John Wiederholt 82 Paul Wiederholt 66
V3 Gus Maxfield 87
SV Dennis Vierling 89 Mike Steinmetz 81 William Traynor 87 Ron Smith 74
SSV Jim Noel 89 Red Bartlett 86 Mark Robertson 83
L Pam Neshiem 74 Pam Neshiem 70