Training – Drawing from a Holster Class


Learn how to safely draw from a holster. Successful completion of this class is required for shooters to draw from holsters on our range.

Please note: This class assumes you have some experience or training to properly aim and accurately shoot a handgun. We are not able to give marksmanship instruction during this class. So, if you are not comfortable with your  level of experience or training, that’s fine, we have other options for you. You can still stay registered for this class as we have Private Lessons you can take prior to your Draw from the Holster class to set yourself up for success. You can find out more about those lessons and purchase them at the following link:

This class has a maximum of 10 students, and lasts up to 3 hours. Pre-payment is required to confirm your reservation in this class. click here to go to our Reservations page.



In addition to paying your class fee here, if you haven’t reserved the date of your class, click here to go to our Reservations page.