South St. Paul Shooters Shine at Game Unlimited’s Leinies 200!


Congratulations to shooters from our Club who excelled the weekend of May 14-15, 2016 at the Leinies 200 shoot at Game Unlimited in Hudson, WI. Must be the tough, tournament-style targets we throw at SSP!

Full pictures available here.

Main Event

HOA   Dylan Burns
RU      Gabe Markworth
M1      Dan Field
AA1    Craig Mortenson
AA2    George Smythe
A1       Parker Field
JR1     Gabe Markworth
SV1     Craig Mortenson


M1      Dylan Burns
M2      Gabe Markworth
E3       Chad Ruiz
V2       Tom Wannebo
SV2     Craig Mortenson
SSV1   Dave Kluender
SSV2   Roger Pasch
JR1     Dylan Burns
JR2     Gabe Markworth

True Pair

JR1     Gabe Markworth

20 Gauge

AA3    Gary Goodwin
SV1     Gary Goodwin
SV2    Mike Patterson
JR2     Dylan Burns

28 Gauge

AA1     John Wiederholt
AA3     Gary Goodwin
C3       Paul Wiederholt
V1       John Wiederholt
SV3     Gary Goodwin

Full results available here.