Winter League Shoot-offs and Banquet

Winter league shoot-offs are taking place March 7 – 11.

If your team had a minimum of 5 shooters complete their minimum number of rounds (10 rounds), your team is in the shoot-offs.

If you completed your minimum number of rounds (10 rounds) for your league, you are still in the shoot-offs – even if your team didn’t complete enough rounds, you can still compete for shoot-off high gun in your league(s).

By March 7, we will post at the Club:

  • Raw scores
  • Scores used to make divisions (adjusted for shooters and teams that shot their minimum number of rounds).
  • Divisions and their payoffs.


The winter league banquet is scheduled for Wednesday, March 14th. Final league and shoot-off results will be posted that night. Social hour begins at 5 pm, with dinner at 6 pm.