2022 Fall Jackpots – divisions posted for 11/30 – 12/11 shoot-offs

Divisions are now available for the Fall 2020 Jackpots shoot-offs, which run from November 30th to December 11th.

Here are the shoot-off rules:

  • You must have shot at least 6 scores during the season to qualify for the Season Jackpot.
  • Show up and shoot your shoot-off rounds anytime the Club is open between 11/30 and 12/11. Targets will be changed before the shoot-off.
  • Your top 6 scores from your weekly jackpot entries have been added together, and the total used (one entry per shooter) to determine the divisions for the Season Jackpot shoot-off.
  • Your first 2, 25-round scores (50-target total) during the shoot-offs period will count for the Season Jackpot shoot-off. The entry fee per round of 25 targets is $13.25 each, with $2.00 per round going into the Season Jackpot. You can use your bird card and pay $2.00 per round for the Season Jackpot fee. You must get an “official” scoresheet from the clubhouse when you pay, before you shoot, for scoring your two shoot-off rounds. Scoresheets must be turned in by end of day each Sunday and must contain first and last names to count. No exceptions.
  • The Season Jackpot will be distributed via the divisions using 50-target shoot-off scores:
  • 1 division per 8 shooters, paying 50/30/20 per division, ties decided by longest run (with a coin flip determining front or back for all money ties; heads from the front, tails from the back). Remaining ties determined from opposite end longest run, then by card draw.

Final divisions are available here:

Lewis Class rules are available here.

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