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Winter Blast


Holiday Shoot

Black Friday Shoot

Halloween Spooktacular

SSP 150

Inaugural So. St. Paul Open Skeet Tournament

State FITASC Championship

Border Battle

State Super Sporting Championship

Bunny Shoot

St. Patty’s Day Shoot

Valentine’s Day Shoot

Winter Blast


Holiday Shoot

Black Friday Shoot

Options payouts show on the ScoringPro link, and they are correct except for sporting clays Lewis Class payouts. ScoringPro shows only 2 classes, but there are 3 classes. Winners of the 3 sporting clays Lewis Class are:

Class 1
Hans Erickson    $54
Pete Melloy        $36

Class 2
Craig Mortenson    $45
Ed Dietz                   $45

Class 3
Gregory Keith       $54
Darren CB Scott   $36

Halloween Spooktacular


Fiocchi Summer Sizzler

Border Battle

Minnesota State 5-stand / Small Gauge Results

St. Patty’s Day Non-registered Results

St. Patty’s Day Registered Results

February Thaw and Meat Shoot (Corrected) Results

Valentine’s Shoot Registered Results

Valentine’s Shoot Non-registered Results

Winter Blast Registered Results


Holiday Shoot Registered Events

Holiday Shoot Non-registered Events

Black Friday Registered Events

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Halloween Spooktacular Non-registered Events

Halloween Spooktacular Registered Events

SSP 150 Registered Events

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Fiocchi Fun Shoot Registered Events

Fiocchi Fun Shoot Non-registered Events

Summer Sizzler

State 5-Stand and Small Gauge Championships

Lion’s Club Shoot

Border Battle

Bunny Shoot – NSCA Events

Bunny Shoot – Fun Shoot

St. Patty’s Day NSCA-registered Shoot

St. Patty’s Day Fun Shoot

Valentine’s Day NSCA-registered Shoot

Valentine’s Day Fun Shoot

February Thaw Fun & Meat Shoot

Winter Blast Shoot


Holiday Shoot

Black Friday Shoot

Halloween Shoot

Lion’s Club NSCA Shoot

State Small Gauge Championship & Summer Sizzler

State 5-Stand Championship

State Super Sporting Championship

State FITASC Championship

Border Battle

St. Patrick’s Day Shoot

Valentines Day Shoot


Holiday Shoot Results – corrected

Black Friday Results

Halloween Spooktacular Results – Corrected

Fall Tune-up Results

Mid Summer Blast Results – corrected

President’s Shoot
Sporting Clays
Total 150 (HOA)
All – Alphabetical

Border Battle
Border Battle (revised) Results

Good Friday Shoot
Total 150

St. Patty’s Day Shoot
Sporting Clays – Corrected
Total 150 – Corrected
Winnings – Corrected (2)


Holiday Shoot
NSCA Sporting Clays Results
NSCA True Pair Results
NSCA 5-Stand Results – Corrected
NSCA Combined 200 Results – Corrected
Non-registered Sporting Clays Results
Non-registered Skeet Results
Non-registered Trap Results
Non-registered Combined 150 Results
Payouts – Corrected

Black Friday Shoot
Trap Results
Skeet Results
Sporting Clays Results
Combined 100 Main Event Results
Pigeon Circle Results
Long Bird Results

Halloween Spooktacular
Sporting Clays Results
FITASC Results

Summer Sizzler & State Small-bore Championship
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President’s Shoot / Club Championship
Trap Results
Skeet Results
5-stand Results
Sporting Clays Results
Combined Event Results

State 5-Stand & Super Sporting Championships
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Option Report
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All-American Team Points
Added Money

Border Battle
Border Battle Results
South St. Paul Results
Game Unlimited Results
200 Totals

YESS4MN Shoot Results
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St. Patrick’s Day Shoot Results
Sporting Clays
150 Total