2024 Summer Leagues started April 9th

Summer leagues have begun!

Although most of last year’s rules haven’t changed, there are a few changes and points of emphasis for summer leagues this year:

  • The league fee will again be $20 per shooter per league entered.
  • Once again, for each league, shooters who buy all their league targets up front, within the first two weeks of the season, and pay their League Fees, will get those targets at the lowest per-target price of $.34/target, plus tax. Memberships must be up to date to shoot in a league and take advantage of these prices. These shooters will again receive 5% additional targets for lookers and breakage for 25-target leagues, Tri-combo, and Individual leagues, and 10% additional targets for sporting clays leagues. (Sporting clays leagues’ amount is higher because they have 16 lookers each round rather than just 1 or 2 for trap and skeet; they experience a higher amount of breakage and don’t have trappers to add more birds on; and they shoot twice as many targets each round, 50 rather than 25.)
  • Shooters will have 8 weeks to get in their 8 first-half rounds, followed by 1 week dedicated to the Club Championship (previously known as the President’s Shoot), followed by 8 weeks to get in their 8 second-half rounds. Once a shooter has their 8 first-half rounds in, they can begin shooting their second-half rounds at any time.
  • For the week of the Club Championship, the first 50 targets shot in any event can be purchased at our special low Club Championship prices and will count toward the Championship, and those scores can also be put in the book for the second half of the season. Subsequent rounds shot can also be put in the book for the second half of the season.
  • We will be piloting a handicap system this year in the team 5-stand team league only.
  • The 10-man Skeet league is being re-named to Team Skeet since only 5 team members are required to form a team.
  • We will be giving away 1 gun for every 50 shooters who complete all their league rounds. (Only one league per shooter counts toward this ratio.) However, for drawing purposes, one entry for each league completed will go into the gun drawing.
  • Again this year, once a score is put in the book it is final and cannot be replaced.

All the changes, as well as the league schedule, the league rules, and the league shoot-offs and awards, are available here.

To get started, stop in at the club and pay your League Fee, and, if necessary, renew your membership, and make sure your captain gets your scorebook started.

See you at the club!