2024 Winter Jackpots – week 1 results and payoffs now available through January 7

Please note: AFS & FITASC Jackpots will be open throughout our Winter Blast shoot the weekend of January 12-14 and scores will be combined with the following week for week 2 of the Winter Jackpots. 5-stand Jackpot will also be open, but Winter Blast shooters will have priority over Jackpot shooters. 5-stand Jackpot shooters should ask for a squadding time in the clubhouse when signing up, but shooters cannot shoot 5-stand Jackpot before their 5-stand rounds in the Winter Blast tournament.

Results for the 2024 Winter Jackpots

Week 1

5-stand Winners
Class 1 – Jim Fischer
Class 2 – Scott Rieken & Peter Tiede

FITASC Winners
Class 1 – George Smythe & Kyle Steffen
Class 2 – Jim Fischer, Pat O’Boyle, and Mike Steinmetz

AFS Winners
Class 1 – Kyle Steffen
Class 2 – Pat O’Boyle, Bob Torres, Kyle Steffen & Mike Steinmetz

Full weekly scores and payouts are available here on Score Chaser.

Cumulative individual averages are available here:

5-Stand Week 1
AFS Week 1

Lewis Class rules are available here.

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