Member Shotgun Pricing
Non-Member Shotgun Pricing
League Sponsor Fees

Rifle/Pistol Pricing – 2022

We sell both Annual Range Passes and Daily Range Passes to use the rifle/pistol range.

Annual Range Passes – can be used anytime the Club is open, with no daily fee

Please note: Annual Range Pass sales are final; no refunds will be given for Annual Range Pass purchases.

Daily Range Passes – can only be used when Club is open for daily fee use

  • Daily Range PassNon-Member : $25
  • Daily Range PassMember: $20 (Available to current shotgun Members of the Gun Club.)]
    You will be required to sign a lability waiver to shoot at the Club.
    The Liability Form is available here.

Club Rules are available here.

Hours of operation are available here.

Due to the current shortage of ammunition:

  • Only shooters using the range for the day are currently allowed to purchase pistol and rifle ammunition
  • We are limiting the purchase of pistol and rifle ammunition to one box per shooter.
  • We do not always have ammunition for all calibers in stock; call in advance if you need to check.

Notes on Rifle/Pistol Pricing:

  • Any shotgun Member with an Annual Range Pass or Daily Range Pass may bring a guest for a $5 daily range fee.
  • Up to 2 shooters may share one lane.
  • Range Passes/Fees are limited to one hour if others are waiting, at the Range Officer’s discretion, but shooters may shoot again in turn.
  • Non-Members who purchase an Annual Range Pass have 30 days to purchase a membership to the Club in order to get the combined shotgun & rifle/pistol $50 discount.
  • A 10% military veterans’ discount applies to Member and Non-Member Season Passes for Minnesota residents who are Active Military, Active Guard/Reserve, Retired Military, and Disabled Veterans, providing they show their Veteran ID card.

Member Shotgun Pricing – 2022

Information about becoming a shotgun Member is available here.

Adult member pricing for shotgun targets for league and practice shooting is $.45/target. (10% member discount from non-member price)

Trap, Skeet, 5-Stand, FITASC, AFS 25 Targets $11.25
Sporting Clays 50 Targets $22.50

Member Bulk Target Discount Program 

Purchase Amount
Cost/target Cost/ 
round of 25
200 – 499 targets $.40 $10.00
500 – 999 targets $.38 $9.50
1000 – 1,500 targets $.36 $9.00

Adult Member Rewards Program

Members who purchase $1,500 or more in targets in a calendar year receive a $100 target card.

Early Member Renewal Bonus

  • Renewing members receive a $25 bird card if they renew between September 1 of the current year and January 1 of the following year.

Member Referral Program

  • Members who refer a new member receive a $20 bird card referral fee
  • Employees who refer a new member receive a $10 referral fee on their paycheck
    (A new member is defined as someone who joins who has not been a member for at least one year.)

Junior Member and High School League Pricing – 2022

Junior Member and High School League pricing for shotgun targets is $.36/target. *

Trap, Skeet, 5-Stand, FITASC, AFS 25 Targets $9.00
Sporting Clays 50 Targets $18.00

* High school prices apply only to practice and competition rounds for members of a high school team during a high school league season. Outside of a high school league season, a youth shooter must buy a Junior Membership to qualify for these prices.

Non-Member Shotgun Pricing – 2022

Non-member pricing for shotgun targets for league and practice shooting is $.50/target. *

Trap, Skeet, 5-Stand, FITASC, AFS 25 Targets $12.50
Sporting Clays 50 Targets $25.00

* Non-Members must sign Non-Member Liability Form (available here).
* Non-Members must agree to abide by Club Rules (available here).
* Non-Members MUST purchase their shells at the Club, unless they show their current membership cards in the NSCA, NSSA, or ATA and get Manager’s approval.

Shotgun League Sponsor Fees – 2022

Winter League   $75.00
Summer League $100.00
Individual League   $15.00
Mixed League   $30.00