2024 Winter Leagues start November 15th

Sign your team up at the Club and get ready to compete!

The 2024 winter league schedule runs from November 15, 2023, through February 21, 2024. Shoot-offs are scheduled for February 28 – March 10, 2024, and the banquet is scheduled for March 13.

Sporting clays and 5-stand leagues are offered. These are team leagues, and teams consist of 5-10 shooters per team. Shoot anytime the Club is open and shoot ahead or behind unlimited.

Leagues consist of 12 rounds. Shooters can shoot more than 12 rounds, but once a score is put in the book that score is final.

The Team Sponsor Fee has been eliminated and replaced with an individual League Fee of $20/shooter, which must be paid before any scores can be put in the book.  All the League Fees will be returned to the shooters.; 60% of the League Fees will go toward payouts, and 40% will go toward door prizes for the banquet. Teams can still be sponsored, but $20 must somehow be paid for each shooter on a team.

Because the League Fees are individually based rather than team based, the 60% payout money will be divided by league, and by division, depending on how many shooters are in each league and each division. In the event of any ties that are not shot off, payouts will be based on the number of shooters on the teams that are tied, so the payout amounts are the same for all shooters on the tied teams.

Full League Schedule, Rules, Shoot-offs, & Awards documents are available here.