Hours of Operation & Range Closures

Notes about Hours of Operation:

  • All shooting rounds must be purchased at least 30 minutes before shooting hours close.
  • Club may close early at Manager’s discretion.
  • In winter, if one hour before Shooting Hours begin (see below for hours), the air temperature is 0 degrees or colder, or if the wind-chill factor is -10 degrees or colder, the club will be closed completely for the day.
  • We may close completely, or close earlier, under some other weather conditions, including severe heat in the summer.
  • If you are in doubt, please call at 651-455-7249 and ask before you come down.


Shotgun and Rifle/Pistol Hours of Operation & Range Closures

Shooting Hours Clubhouse/Bar Hours Kitchen Hours
Winter Hours – start September 11, 2023
Wednesday Noon – dusk Noon – 5 PM  Noon – 2 PM
Friday Noon – 4 PM Noon – 5 PM  Noon – 2 PM
Saturday & Sunday 10 AM – 4 PM 10 AM – 5 PM  10 AM – 2 PM
Summer Hours – start March 19, 2024
Tuesday & Thurs. 4 PM – dusk 4 pm – 9 pm    4 PM – 8 PM
Wednesday Noon – dusk Noon – 9 pm    Noon – 8 PM
Friday Noon – 4 PM Noon – 6 pm    Noon – 2 PM
Saturday & Sunday 10 AM – 4 PM 9 am – 6 pm    9 AM – 2 PM

Rifle/Pistol Range Closures

  • None planned

Shotgun Range Closures

In addition to any special closures noted here, the Club hosts a number of tournaments and other events during the year, during which many, or most, of the shotgun ranges are committed for those events. During those events, except for State tournaments, the Border Battle, and the MNYSSF Youth Shoot, we will keep at least one combination trap/skeet range open for general shotgun shooting. When in doubt, please call ahead at 651-455-7249You can find a list of those tournaments and events here.

Tournament Weeks Schedule

  • Wednesday & Thursday – staff will be setting up the sporting clays, 5-stand, AFS, and/or FITASC courses for the tournament. Please be patient and work around them while shooting.
  • Friday – Sunday – During most tournaments other than State tournaments, if you are not shooting in the registered event on the weekend, or if you have already shot your registered event, you can still shoot 50 or 100 sporting clays for league or practice. Stop in the clubhouse first and have them take targets off your bird card before you shoot. Tournament shooters have priority for shooting on all fields on the weekend. During State tournaments the club is closed to all non-tournament shooting.

As a reminder, if you plan on shooting any registered events in the tournament that weekend, you cannot shoot any stations/targets that have already been setup for the tournament before you shoot your registered tournament events on that course.