Final Results now posted for the 2023 Heated FITASC Shoot, including punches and payouts

Great shooting, and thanks everyone for coming out for the shoot!

This is the first year we’ve tried this particular event, and we’re interested in your feedback; so please let us know any thoughts you have about the shoot!

We had really nice weather again. Thanks again for joining us!

High Scores in the event were:

  • HOA: Dylan Burns & Steve Korin, both with 48/50
  • RU: Steve Coutant, 47/50
  • 3rd: Dan Field & Hans Erickson, both with 46/50
  • AA: Kevin Burns, 44/50
  • A: Pat O’Boyle, 45/50
  • B: Bill Adams, 45/50
  • C: Todd Keith, 43/50
  • D: Scott Jones, 31/50
Full tournament results are available here on Score Chaser, including punches and payouts.