Winter 2022 Jackpots – final results and payoffs now available

Final Scores are posted below for the Winter 2022 Jackpots.

Trap Winners:

 Keith Krech, Ringo, Al Pallas

5-stand winners by division:

  1. Kyle Steffen, Steve Coutant, Hans Erickson
  2. Mike Steinmetz, Harry Zarn, Pat McLarnon

AFS winners by division:

  1. Hans Erickson, Dan Field, Steve Coutant
  2. Mike Steinmetz, Pat O’Boyle, Jim Noel
  3. Craig Mortenson, Mike Williams, Adam Petersen

Week 10 Long Bird winners by division:

  1. Terry Bartling
  2. Andy Wagstrom

Shoot-off scores and payouts are available here.

Lewis Class rules are available here.

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